"i'll never have a change of heart
i swore i'd never sing
i have no heart this one is gone
and now i wear the wings (...)".


"i'm really trying to shine here, i'm really trying 
you're changing clothes and closing windows on me all the time."

"give the ocean what i took from you
so one day you can find it in the sand
and hold it in your hands again."

"we take our empty hearts and fill them up with broken things
to hang on humming wire like cheap lamps down a dead end street (...)".

"(...) oh, come, come be my waitress and serve me tonight
serve me the sky with a big slice of lemon."

"maybe i care a little
perhaps i'm ashamed of the story i told (...)."

"if i were a spy in the world inside your head
would i be your wife in a better life you led?"

"(...) didn't anybody tell you how to gracefully disappear in a room?"

"i will settle in and dream
'cause it's all right, all right to see a ghost."

"keep your legs from shaking, fill your eyes with new tears,
don't ask questions, you don't know your name (...)."

"-Gostas muito de mim? - perguntou.
 -O suficiente para amansar todos os tigres do mundo."
h.m. in n.w.

"do you really think you can just put it in a safe behind a painting, lock it up and leave?"

"you were always weird, but i never had to hold you by the edges like i do now (...)."

"i don't mind losing a girl to herself (...)."

"i think i'm like tennesse williams
i wait for the click
i wait, but it doesn't kick in."

"i was less than amazing
do not know what all the troubles are for (...)."

vanessa & virginia.

"baby, come over, i need entertaining
i had a stilted, pretending day
lay me down and say something pretty
lay me back down where i wanted to stay
just say something perfect, something i can steal
say, look at me
baby, we'll be fine (...)"